Surface contacts

Our surface contacts impress by their simple construction. Due to a solid welded construction made of high-quality stainless steel, they have a durable and trouble-free working life. The contact plates are pressed by insulated springs to the contact surfaces under high pressure enabling an ideal current transmission. Connection is effected by means of simple connection cables directly onto the contact plates. Therefore no extra conductor lines are necessary when the goods are moved. They are solid, easy to maintain, cost-efficient and self-cleaning.

Water-cooled design

If you want to increase the power output of the surface contact, we can recommend the water-cooled design as it does not need more space. By using a water-cooled surface contact the maximum power output can be increased by up to 35 % depending on the cooling capacitiy. The water cooling is installed inside the connection plates. We also recommend installing PT 100 temperature sensors to monitor the contacts ideally. So a safe operation of the contacts is always guaranteed.

Pneumatic design

Pneumatic contacts are only applied when high currents, little space or low input weights present a challenge. The contact pressure is reached by using vulcanized pressure bags. There are hardly any limits regarding pneumatic surface contacts. You will often find them with an output of 20 kA and more. Due to an additional instalment of a water cooling the power output can be increased at any time. The costs are relatively high, however, you gain a maximum process reliability.


Ideas for electroplating and high-current