Automatic cover opening and closingstation

With the automatic cover opening and closing station (DOS) you get interlocking technology from one source. A well thought-out and proven system helps you to fully automate your plant. The solid and simple design of this part of the system reduces movement processes to a minimum. This results in a number of decisive advantages in terms of economy, reliability and longevity, with maximum process reliability. In the first step, the unit is retracted into the DOS and brought into position and fixed by instructors. Then the barrel is finely positioned. When the exact position is reached, the swivel frame moves to the barrel and the rotary toggles are opened. All opening tools are connected to each other and therefore have exactly the same position at all times. The special geometry of the tools and the cover toggles hold the cover to the swivel frame. The swivel frame and cover move away from the barrel and the unloading and loading process can be started. After this has been completed, the barrel is repositioned and the lid closed again. On request, the lid opening and closing station can also be accommodated in cross-transfer units. Each DOS is individually tailored to your system.

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