Accessories and components

We always have a large selection of accessories such as screws, gears or sieve plugs available from stock. Since the majority of our accessories and components are completely manufactured in-house, parts that are not available from stock can be produced at short notice and delivered quickly.

Do you have any questions? Or would you like a personal consultation? You can reach your contact person for accessories and components at:
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Our Cogwheels are completely manufactured by us, be it single pieces or small batch series. Our range varies from driving gearwheels for small barrel aggregates to groups of gearwheel series consisting of several parts.
They are mainly made from PE 1000, but it is also possible to manufacture them of PE 500, PP, PPs, stainless steel or many other materials. They can also be made combining plastic and metal.

Galvanik Ersatzteile

Screws and standard parts

We constantly stock a large selection of DIN parts such as screws, nuts, bushes and springs. Our “standard” parts are first and foremost designed for a long service life in electroplating, the materials used here are in most cases polyethylene and V4A. We also manufacture series made of plastic, based on the German industry standard.

Galvanik Ersatzteile Schrauben

Filter plugs

Our filter plugs can be used universally, especially for the finest goods. Very small perforations cannot be produced by cutting, therefore it is recommended to work with filter plugs for perforations smaller than 1 mm.

Filter plugs can be replaced. After removal, the filter plug is damaged and cannot be reused. The special shape of the filter plugs (concave/convex) can often help to solve problems with adhesive parts.

StandardSiebstopfen standard

ConvexSiebstopfen Konvex

ConcaveSiebstopfen konkav

A-filter plug product range ∅ approx. 40 mm
material: PP

Pos. Name Artikel-No.
1 0,25 slot 90000100
2 0,4 slot 90064500
3 0,6 slot 90117800
4 1,3 slot 90018400
5 1,3 slot concave 90081800
6 1 x 1 90000400
7 1,75 x 1,75 90070300
8 2 x 2 90000500
9 2 x 2, convex 90000700
10 2 x 2, concave 90037900
11 3 x 3 90000810
12 3 x 3 convex 90000900
13 8 x 8 convex 90018300
14 0,25 slot with 2 x 2 raster 90000300
15 half-moon plug 1,3 mm 90823700

E-filter plug product range ∅ approx. 23 mm
material: PP

Pos. Name Artikel-No.
1 0,25 slot 90001300
2 0,4 slot 90019500
3 0,4 x 0,4 90117600
4 1 x 1 90017100
5 1 x 1 convex 90001400
6 2 x 2 90098900

Cleaning devices

The cleaning devices work independently of the plant operator. The contact surfaces of the carrier are cleaned during each cycle. Here, too, the simple and solid design pays off and the brushes can be replaced individually. Cleaning devices are available for every type of contact (sword, pin, prism, etc.). In most cases, the cleaning devices can be easily exchanged for existing plastic holders.

Galvanotechnikzubehör Reinigungsvorrichtungen

Cable contacts

Our long-lasting contact cables are made of PUR sheating as standard. This sheating especially made for us is available in different diameters and cross sections. It is also possible to produce them of PVC, silicone and neoprene. Our contact heads are available made of steel, brass, stainless steel or special materials like titan or copper. They can be designed in various versions: hollow, screwable, continuous or further designs. Ask for personal advice to enhance the durability of this item subject to wear.

Langlebige Kontaktkabel aus PUR-Mantelleitung

Motor current contact

At Linnhoff and Partner you will find the right motor current contact for every barrel unit. In addition to brass fingers with rubber buffers, there are also spring-loaded versions with self-cleaning function. Currents up to 50A per contact pin can be realized. You will also find completely encapsulated systems up to 150A per contact in our offer. The motor current contacts and mating contacts are manufactured according to your wishes or you can choose the suitable one from our standard variants.


Anode baskets

We deliver anode baskets in various sizes and designs. Their shape and way of fixing will be made according to your needs. We can also design them easily according to freehand sketches and samples.


Ideas for electroplating and high-current