Barrel aggregates

We plan, construct and produce barrel aggregates appropriate to your system so that your
machine can work without interruptions. Due to our perfect matching components we always
provide the correct solution for your applications. Manufacturing as single or double-barrel
aggregate or special construction.

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We supply all our barrel aggregats with various material options (stainless steel, titanium, high-performance polyethylene) and the individual assemblies can be combined for the respective application processes.

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Barrel materials

Depending on the chemical and thermic stress parameters we use PP, PE 500 or ultra-high molecular polyethylene
PE 1000 as barrel materials. It is also possible to produce barrels made of PPs and PVDF.

Barrel material PP grey

  • smooth, water-repellent surface
  • resistant to chemical attack
  • resistant to abrasion
  • impact-resistant
  • resisting temperatures of up to 80 °C
  • weldable

Barrel material PE 500

  • smooth, water-repellent surface
  • resistant to chemical attack
  • good resistance to abrasion
  • particularly impact-resistant
  • resisting temperatures of up to 90 °C
  • weldable

Barrel material PE 1000 natural

  • smooth, water-repellent surface
  • resistant to chemical attack
  • extremely resistant to abrasion
  • totally impact-resistant
  • resisting temperatures of up to 100 °C

Plastic sleeve bearing

The plastic sleeve bearing is designed with replaceable bearing journals and bushes made of abrasion-resistant PE 500/1000 so that even small parts cannot penetrate into the bearing gap. The bushings are provided with drain holes to reduce fluid entrainment. Optimum stability is guaranteed even at high temperatures.


Plastic sleeve bearing with cable contact

  • interchangeable bearing pivots and bearing bushes
  • flexible contact cables
  • contact bulb made of steel, stainless steel, brass …
  • bushings with drain holes

Liquid-tight metal sleeve bearing with disc contact

A solid steel arm transfers the cathode current directly to the contact systems firmly connected to the barrel. The rotating bellows protects it against corrosive media. The special contact fluid inside the bellows keeps the contact surfaces clean and prevents contact interruption. Only wear-free, static seals are used in the liquid area. This system allows power transmission up to 600 A per side. The stable bearing arms do not bend even under maximum load and thus reduce bearing wear to a minimum.

Flüssigkeitsdichtes Metallgleitlager

Liquid-tight metal sleeve bearing with disc contact

  • solid steel arm
  • contact disc firmly connected to the barrel
  • rotating bellows
  • special contact fluid inside the bellows
  • wear-free static seals

Contact systems

We have developed various standard solutions to provide you with the optimal contact system for your range of products

Kabelkontakt mit Kunststoffgleitlager

Cable contact (dangler) with plastic sleeve bearing

Cable contacts are the most cost-efficient and widespread contact systems. They are particularly suitable for compact bulk goods. Thus they cover a broad range of application. They are also available with hollow bulb or in special designs.

Scheibenkontakt mit Metallgleitlager

Disc contact with metal sleeve bearing

Disc contacts are excellently suitable for high current transmissions. They can be used for bulky, compact and sharp- edged goods as well as sensitive goods which could be damaged by static contacts.

Kabelkontakt mit Kunststoffgleitlager und durchgehender Birne

Cable contact (dangler) with plastic sleeve bearing and continuous bulb

Cable contacts with continuous bulbs have a larger surface for a better contacting of the goods. Due to the loose-hanging contact bulb the goods are not hit. Therefore, this cable system is especially interesting for sensitive goods.

It can be easily installed and maintenance costs are low. It can also be obtained with a screwed contact bulb for a quick replacement and with a hollow bulb for extremely sensitive

Knopfkontakt mit Metallgleitlager

Button contact with metal sleeve bearing

Similar to rod contacts, button contacts offer an even current transmission along the total inner length of the barrel. They are especially suitable for sensitive goods which could be damaged by static contacts. Moreover, even if the barrel is only filled minimally, they guarantee a perfect current trans-mission. Button contacts can be easily replaced.

Leistenkontakt mit Metallgleitlager

Rod contact with metal sleeve bearing

Rod contacts are inserted into the edge bars of the barrel and transfer the current from the liquid-tight metal sleeve bearing via contact disks evenly along the total inner length of the barrel. The interior space of the barrel remains smooth. Rod contacts are suitable for electroplating a wide range of goods. This type of contact system is especially suitable for rod-shaped parts.

Universalkontaktanschlüsse mit Metallgleitlager

Universal contact with metal sleeve bearing

Universal contacts offer the possibility to apply numerous different types of contacts and change them quickly if required. Customized special designs can be easily realised.

Small barrel aggregates

Developed for rational plating of small series or small parts, our small barrel series is frequently used for many different applications. Easy handling and the low weight of this series allow for batch weights of up to 13 kg. When a chain hoist is used, the weight per batch increases to up to 30 kg.

For the standard type, the barrel body is made of polypropylene; however, special designs in other materials are possible. For example, best results in chemical nickel applications have been achieved with PVDF barrels.

To reduce carry-over losses to a minimum, the entire barrel body is welded and the seams are smoothed. This prevents the product from getting caught in the barrel. A special groove structure at the fronts avoids that flat products stick to the surface. Owing to the largely dimensioned cover opening, easy product feed and removal is possible.


The attached cover provides optimal operational safety and easy handling. Position and shape of the cover are designed in such a way that not even the smallest particles can get between cover and barrel body.
To transfer the plating current onto the product, different ways of contacting can be selected. One example is the classic cable contact, but also disc contacts, button contacts, pin contacts and many others are possible.
There is also the possibility to equip with a pendular unit, reverser unit or vibrating unit. To improve electrolytic exchange, an additional electrolyte injection pump can be added.

In short, the small barrel series is the optimal partner for rational plating. For electronic components, in the jewellery industry, for small series, subcontracted electroplating, research and development, the small barrel is a must.

You have batches of only a few grams, or very fine goods?

We can also do even smaller: our smallest barrel series.

This series includes mini barrel aggregates with a volume of approximately 300-1000 cm³. Specially manufactured mini drums are used here. By using different perforations a simple adaptation to the goods is possible. The specially designed bayonet lock guarantees a secure closure of the body. Let us advise you which system is best suited for you.

Rotating racks and rotating contact systems

In the area of surface treatment, components with unfavourable geometries such as blind holes, undercuts or pockets are often found. Here air bubbles or air inclusions can occur, which make coating of the goods impossible. This is remedied by rotating and swivelling frames. The components are either picked up individually in special devices or adapted in baskets with the frame. This allows a more even treatment and minimizes damage. For goods with blind holes, the loss of carry-over can also be reduced to a minimum by “pouring”. Depending on the design, the racks can be turned or simply pivoted. When using a stepping mechanism, it is even possible to realize exact slewing angles. For the purpose of power transmission, we use liquid-tight metal plain bearings or flexible cables. Execution depends on the type of application.

Another area are the current-carrying rotary contacts, which are designed to accommodate one to a maximum of two workpieces. These rotary contacts are often used in electroforming or hard chrome plating processes. Examples of applications are the coating of embossing rollers or piston rods. Unit weights of several hundred kilograms are not uncommon here. Get personal advice for your area of application and make an appointment.

Ideas for electroplating and high-current