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Do you need help with spare parts procurement, repair or maintenance?
For your aggregates and contacts, no matter whether own or foreign make, we carry a large assortment of spare parts from stock, everything else can be procured within a short time. So you can carry out the maintenance and repair of your products yourself or we can carry out the complete repair for you, including dismantling and reconstruction. If possible at your site, otherwise in our specially established department. If individual spare parts are no longer available, we will re-produce them regardless of the quantity. After completion of this work, you can request your spare parts list from us.

Would you like to update your system to the latest state of the art?
Talk to us first. Usually there is the possibility that existing technology can be rebuilt or overhauled. This saves costs and can often take place parallel to production.

Regular care and maintenance increases the service life of your plant and contributes decisively to the safety of your production!
That is why we offer you the possibility to conclude a service contract for your product. Our employees come to you at fixed intervals and carry out the necessary maintenance, whereby minor repairs are carried out immediately.

Ideas for electroplating and high-current