High-current contacts

In addition to surface and finger contacts, our product range also includes slide and bolt contacts as well as corresponding spare parts. We also manufacture a wide range of brass shelves. Here we have more than 50 different basic shapes at our disposal.

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Bolt contacts

At the early stages of automation technology, bolt contacts were often used in electroplating plants. Today, they are still used for contacting extendable anodes and in electrolytic cells. The base body is made of brass and can be mounted directly onto the connecting rail. So unnecessary connections are no longer required.

Inside the contact there are spring-loaded bolts linked to contact strips. The power output of the maximum current depends on the number of contact bolts. Each bolt is capable of transferring apprx. 400 A. In most cases, however, we recommend to apply a cost-efficient high current surface contact.


Sliding contacts

Sliding contacts are often applied in the conductor board electroplating industry because you will only find low insert weights there. Using sliding contacts requires a high accuracy when inserting and a precise position of the contacts. Due to their limited compensating possibilities, they are not suitable for vats with 3 or 4 contact areas. Sliding contacts as well as brass receptions do not have
a ‘self-cleaning effect’.

Brass receptions

Brass receptions have been in use for more than 100 years. In the early years of electroplating only bent spring contacts were used next to brass receptions. In case of lower currents of up to 500 A these contacts are still sufficient today. Low costs and good mechanical qualities are advantageous. Unfortunately, they are not self-cleaning and are therefore subject to constant care.


Special contact systems

We do not produce our contacts only for the electroplating industry. Special designs are also applied in maintenance facilities for trains, quick-change systems for pressing tools, vacuum furnaces, test facilities, recycling plants and special plants for astronautics. Wherever high currents have to be transferred safely, our special contact systems are the fitting solution. In this respect each project will be intensively planned together with you until a useful and working solution has been found.

Ideas for electroplating and high-current