Pickling and phosphating aggregates

For electroless treatment processes, such as pickling, phosphating, degreasing, oiling or molykotizing, Linnhoff und Partner offers the right aggregate for every area of application. The barrel material used here is either stainless steel or PE1000; PP is also an alternative for smaller weights and temperatures. The choice of material depends on the process, maximum load, unit weight and temperature. It is often recommended to use a PE1000 barrel at temperatures up to 95°C and weights up to 1000 kg. The advantages here are the lower dead weight, quieter operation and gentle handling of the goods.

The sturdy stainless steel supports can be passivated, coated or rubberized. Here, too, high-quality SEW motors serve as the drive. All dimensions and equipment of the unit are, as always, designed according to customer requirements.

Barrel units for currentless processes

  • Single barrel unit up to max. batch weight of 1000 kg
  • Double barrel up to max. batch weight of 2x 500 kg
  • Max. Temperature resistance: 135° C
  • Alternatively made of high-quality stainless steel qualities or high-performance plastic
  • In the plastic version more gentle on the material and quieter compared to stainless steel
  • Dimensions according to customer requirements
  • VA- carrier passivated (uncoated), coated or rubberized available
  • Closure via rotary toggles or clamps
  • Optionally available with tripping edge/partition wall

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We supply all our barrel units with various material options (stainless steel, titanium, high-performance polyethylene) and the individual assemblies can be combined for the respective application processes.

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Barrel materials

Depending on the chemical and thermal load parameters, we use PP, PE 500 or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene PE 1000 as barrel material. Barrels made of PPs and PVDF are also possible.

Barrel material PP grey

  • smooth, water-repellent surface
  • resistant to chemical attack
  • resistant to abrasion
  • impact-resistant
  • resisting temperatures of up to 80 °C
  • weldable

Trommelwerkstoff PE 500

  • smooth, water-repellent surface
  • resistant to chemical attack
  • good resistance to abrasion
  • particularly impact-resistant
  • resisting temperatures of up to 90 °C
  • weldable

Barrel material PE 1000 natural

  • smooth, water-repellent surface
  • resistant to chemical attack
  • extremely resistant to abrasion
  • totally impact-resistant
  • resisting temperatures of up to 100 °C

Barrel material stainless steel

  • Specially manufactured to customer specifications
  • The perforation can be designed individually
  • The barrel body and bearing struts are made of stainless steel, optionally made of 1.4301, 1.4401 or 1.4571.

Turning and swivelling frames

In the area of surface treatment, components with unfavourable geometries such as blind holes, undercuts or pockets are often found. Here air bubbles or air inclusions can occur, which make coating of the goods impossible. This is remedied by rotating and swivelling frames. The components are either picked up individually in special devices or adapted in baskets with the frame. This allows a more even treatment and minimizes damage. For goods with blind holes, the loss of carry-over can also be reduced to a minimum by “pouring”. Depending on the design, the racks can be turned or simply pivoted. When using a stepping mechanism, it is even possible to realize exact slewing angles. We usually produce currentless rotating and swivelling frames with bearing plates or pedestal bearings, depending on the parts to be accommodated or their weights. The best way to transmit power is via gear wheels. Get personal advice for your area of application and make an appointment.

Satellite plating aggregates model range S200 and S600

This series was specially developed for bar-shaped “flat or round” material. The aggregates can be designed as single or double barrel aggregates. By using removable partitions, the barrel can be divided into several usable sections. In the S200 version, the partition walls are adjusted by means of a press pin, which results in a form-fit fixing. Batch weights of over 300 kg and lengths up to 2500 mm can be produced in these units. The barrel body is made of PP or PPs. To minimize fluid carry-over, the entire body is welded.

The barrel concept allows best layer thickness distribution and drying in the barrel dryer. With the S200 variant, the generously dimensioned basket openings with 135° opening angle make it easy to fill the baskets. The special shape of the closure guarantees a gap-free and stable fit. Opposite is the basket, which is equipped with a 6 mm round perforation as standard. Wear rings are attached to the open end of the receptacles to extend the service life. For different goods, different geometries can be inserted into the basket opening, for example hexagonal or quadrangular. The baskets are equipped with a round geometry as standard.

The mounts of the larger S600 variant consist exclusively of strong wear rings. They are held by steel-reinforced supports to support heavier weights. The length is adjusted by a rack on the barrel carrier. This means that even large adjustment ranges can be made easily and reliably.

For the drive of our bar barrel units we recommend at least the use of a 2-stage geared motor to be able to adjust the speed. Motors with continuously variable transmission are also possible and offer the optimum solution, especially for very different goods.

For contacting, pin contacts are used in both versions, which are located centrally in the receptacles. These contact pins can be designed on one side, on both sides or continuously.

Ideas for electroplating and high-current