Cogwheels, running pins, arbour bushings, rollers and DIN parts.
From special designs to the smallest series – all our cogwheels are completely manufactured in our factory - and everything is possible from drive gears for small barrel units up to cogwheel assemblies made of several parts. They are mostly made from PE 1000, but other materials, such as PE 500, PP, PPs, VA and combinations of plastic and metal are also available on request.

Running pegs and bushings
For barrel bearings, wormwheel bearings, shaft bearings and many other applications, we are able to offer you the appropriate bearing system. We are looking forward to helping you select the proper material and systems to design a long-lasting and reliable bearing.

Track rollers, rope rollers, guide rollers, pressure rollers and for everything else that rotates and moves we manufacture or procure the appropriate rollers for you.

DIN parts
We always have a wide range of DIN parts available such as screws, nuts, bushes, springs and much more. Our “standard parts” are mainly designed for long life in electroplating applications; the materials used are usually PE and V4A. We also manufacture series made of plastic following German industry standards.