Stick Plating BarrelsStick Plating BarrelsStick plating barrels

  • Special high-performance electroplating barrels and assembly units
  • For batch weights of up to 300 kg and lengths of 200 mm up to 2,500 mm.
  • Special objects made of polypropylene and/or flame retardant polypropylene (PPs)
  • Fully welded barrel body (to avoid entrainment losses)
  • New barrel concept facilitates the best plating thickness distribution and drying in the barrel dryer
  • Largely dimensioned basket perforations, easily lockable closures
  • Custom-shaped closures guarantee a gapless, stable position
  • Highest possible operating safety through shape adjustment

Further characteristics: adjustment of the intermediate walls on the smaller version is done by means of a pressing stick ensuring shape adjustment.      On bigger assembly units, length adjustment is done by means of a rack on the barrel carrier so that even large adjustment ranges can be operated easily and safely.

Product collectors

The collector baskets are equipped with a round perforation. The filling diameter of the default version shall be 100 mm. Larger diameters are possible upon request. The closures open the collector baskets to 135° in order to facilitate the filling process. For larger quantities, models with steel-armoured supports and strong wear rings are used as well.

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