Particularly small, particularly long, very sensitive or in a very special shape – no matter what you need, we will find the appropriate solution.

Special technical specifications and more and more complex products often make it impossible to use conventional barrel units. Such cases are our speciality. Profit from our know-how and experience in this field.

We design all special units matching your plants and completely integrate them in the existing process. Even subsequent modification is possible without problems in most cases.

Some examples are:

  • vibration units ​
  • bogies in vertical and horizontal alignment ​
  • pendular and reserving units ​
  • special product reception units ​
  • internal anodes ​
  • switchable polarity units (plus/minus) ​
  • and much more

Have you already got a functioning system in place and need replacement? Redesign according to samples or drawings is possible for us in an uncomplicated way. We manufacture individual spare parts or take care of the entire repair work.

Just contact us and we will offer you technical consultancy.

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