Series 20000 A and more

Pneumatic contact installations become more and more important in the course of a permanently increasing process engineering automation.

  • Robust design with a long lifespan, high operating safety
  • Easy to maintain with self-cleaning effect

Wherever very high-currents have to be transmitted and little space or too low input weights cause problems for conventional contacts, the pneumatic contact is a one-of-a-kind product. There are only few limitations for its use. 

Special characteristics:
  • Optional water cooling for increased performance
  • More operating safety in connection with temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Stable VA bearing design and vulcanized pressure cushion for optimal contacting of the product carriers, even under extremely unfavourable conditions.
  • Current transmission through internal foil tapes or external current connectors and connector cables.
  • Insulated compression springs: no uncontrolled current flow, no annealing of the springs
  • Covering hoods optionally made of stainless steel or PP
  • Supply optionally with straight or angled contact rails with exchangeable contact plates. Complete modules with insulation plate, insulation spouts and fastening material are also available