Small Plating BarrelsA small barrel with great effect. Developed for rational plating of small series or small parts, our small barrel series is frequently used for many different applications. Easy handling and the low weight of this series allow for batch weights of up to 13 kg. When a chain hoist is used, the weight per batch increases by 30 kg.

For the standard type, the barrel body is made of polypropylene; however, special designs in other materials are possible. For example, best results have been achieved with PVDF barrels in chemical nickel applications.

To reduce carry-over losses to a minimum, the entire barrel body is welded and the seams are smoothed. This prevents the product from getting caught by the barrel. A special groove structure at the fronts avoids that flat products stick to the surface. Owing to the largely dimensioned cover opening, easy product feed and removal is possible. The attached cover provides optimal operational safety and easy handling. Position and shape of the cover are designed in such a way that not even smallest particles can get between cover and barrel body.

The wide range of perforation possibilities offers optimal adjustment to your product and your requirements. Perforated plugs, round, sickle, longhole and slot perforations are used.

To transfer the plating current onto the product, different ways of contacting can be selected. One example is the classic cable contact, but also disk contacts, knob contacts, pin contacts and many others are possible.

There is also the possibility of network-independent battery operation with a docking station and equipment with a pendular or vibrating unit. To improve electrolytic exchange, an additional electrolyte injection unit can be added.

In short, the small barrel series is the optimal partner for rational plating. For electronic components, in the jewellery industry, for small series, subcontracted electroplating, research and development, the small barrel is a must.

You have batches of just a few grams or very fine products?

We can even make it smaller: our smallest barrel series.
This series includes smallest barrel units with a volume of ca. 300-1000 cm³. Especially manufactured smallest barrel bodies are used. By using various perforations, they can be easily adjusted to the product. The special bayonet closure design ensures safe locking of the body. Let us advise you about the optimal system for your requirements.

If no manual galvanic system is available or if it is not profitable to buy one, we have the solution for you: the cylindrical barrel – a barrel in the barrel.

The cylindrical barrel body, which is usually made of PP, offers you the possibility of plating small batches very easily, simply by placing it in your already existing barrel system. In this process, the product is filled into a perforated pipe which is closed via screw caps. For contacting, the raised head screws are inserted in the shell surface. This prevents the product from being damaged, inside and outside the cylindrical barrel body. The filled and closed cylindrical barrel body is then simply placed in the barrel and runs through the same process as the rest of the products. That allows for cost-favourable plating of small batches without high costs for sorting work or new equipment.

It is possible to ask for a cylindrical barrel body for test purposes. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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