Connection cables and busbars


We manufacture high-quality connection cables for our customers' individual requirements.

Our flexible and solid cables can be delivered in the standard version with PVC or PUR sheating. According to their application they are equipped with a cable cap made of steel / brass / stainless steel or other materials in a variety of lengths and designs.

The PUR-sheated cable up to 240 mm² is especially characterized by a long life span particularly when plating stamped parts and screws.


To guarantee a maximum amount of safety and life span for the connection cables, we offer standard crimpings, 8-fold crimpings and standard crimpings with additional 8-fold crimping.

Depending on the method of application or extreme stress caused by sharp-edged or pointed material, we recommend these special crimpings to avoid chemical gatherings between cable cap and cable which could contaminate your material.

Quality sells!