The details - from A to Z

Here you will find an overwiew of our extensive high-performance plating barrels programme

Bearing systems
Cathode contacts
Cover models
Drive systems
Barrel carriers


We offer an extensive accessories programme for our high-performance barrels: just get in touch with us. The essential products are explained in the following:

Electrolyte injection

The medium is pumped directly into the interior of the electroplating barrel. The injection can be done by means of a pump installed in the barrel assembly unit or an external pump. Adapters need to be installed in the containers for the external pump. The medium can be pumped into the barrel through the bearing spots by means of a plastic pipe or a contact cable. A retrofit with a subsequently installed pump is possible in most cases for existent systems and/or plating barrels.

Pole switching

bymeans of pole switching, the drive engine can be configured for different speed levels (rpm). Configuration can be done manually or with an electronic control device.

Pendular mechanism

The pendular mechanism consists of an electronic control device and a cam switch. In the cam switch there are the limit switches for the adjustable pendulum angle and additional emergency stop switches. No exposed triggers are needed. The barrels can be operated without barrel covers. Should the barrels be operated with covers, the cam switch can be replaced by a timer.

Swing and reversing device

The swing and reversing device consists of a pendular installation and an additional option to change the sense of rotation of the barrel in the interval.

Interior anode

The installation of an interior anode will allow for a better plating thickness distribution.

Trip-up strips

By means of installation of a trip-up strip/end the goods are well intermixed. The trip-up strips can be screwed or permanently installed. In case of a permanently installed trip-up strip the barrel body is called W-barrel.


Bearing systems: plastic or metal

Plastic slide bearing

The structure of the plastic slide bearing with replaceable bearing pins and bushings made of wear-resistant RCH 500/1000 ensures that even small parts cannot invade the bearing gap. The bushings are equipped with drain opening  in order to reduce humidity dispersal. Optimal stability is also ensured at high temperatures.

Liquid-proof metal slide bearing

A solid steel arm directly transmits the cathode current to the contact systems that are closely linked to the barrel. The co-rotating bellow protects it from corrosive media. The special contact oil in the bellow interior keeps the contact areas clean and avoids contact interruption. Only wear-free, static seals are used in the liquid area. This system allows for current transmissions of up to 600 A per side. The stable bearing arms do not bend, even at maximum load, and therefore reduce the bearing wear to a minimum.

Cathode contacts

Cable contacts

Cable contacts are the most economical and widespread electrical contacts. They are particularly suitable for compact bulk material and therefore cover a wide field of use.

Contact disks

Disk contacts are very suitable for high-current transmissions. They are applicable for bulky, compact and sharp-edged goods as well as for sensitive products that could be damaged by permanent contacts.

Knob contact

Knob contacts offer, in the same way as strip contacts, a steady current transmission over the entire internal barrel length. They are particularly suitable for sensitive goods that could be damaged by permanent contacts. In addition, they ensure a perfect current transmission even if the barrel is only filled at a minimum level. The knob contacts are easily replaceable.

Strip contact

Strip contacts are embedded in the corner rods of the barrel and transmit the current steadily from the liquid-proof metal slide bearing over contact disks to the entire internal barrel length. The barrel interior remains plain during this process. An extensive product spectrum can be electroplated with strip contacts. This contacting method is particularly suitable for bar-shaped goods.

Universal contact

Universal contact connections offer the possibility to optionally use many different contact types and to quickly exchange them if needed. Special, client-specific contacts can be implemented without any problem.

Cover models

We offer an extensive cover product series. All cover systems are available as 1- or 2-piece sets. For operations in brush or semi-shell dryers, optionally available drain holes or slants can be installed to improve fluid discharge. The types:

Single-surface covers

Cover nut – L

This cover system is suitable for all product lines and built very tightly. It is available for manual or manual/automatic operation.

V-shaped cover nut

This cover system is suitable for all product lines and also built very tightly. It is available for manual or manual/automatic operation. However, due to the V-shaped cover nut, this cover system is predestined for small parts that cannot get stuck in the nut during loading and unloading.

Double-surface cover

Cover nut – L – standard

In spite of the big cover opening, the barrel symmetry is maintained in this cover system. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for bulky goods. Due to its design type, this cover is used for cover opening of 265 mm or larger.

Drive systems

Spur gear drive engine with one-sided power transmission

  • Motor permanently installed in the barrel assembly unit
  • Motor optionally with brake
  • Direct or optional power transmission with wet/drying stage

External drive: external motor with one-sided power transmission

  • Motor permanently installed on the container/ vat
  • Different speeds (rpm) through use of a frequency transformer

Barrel carriers

  • Torsion-free welded structure
  • Materials: St 37. 1.4301, 1.4401 or 1.4571
  • Coatings: epoxy resin or rubber coating
  • Vat edge and trolley integration upon consultation


Round perforation

The exceptional material quality of the barrel allows for a very tight perforation. Internal and external countersinks and/or cut-outs facilitate electrolyte exchange, alleviate voltage drops in the wall, reduce entrainment losses and keep flat parts from sticking to the humid barrel.


  • Very tight hole spacing, lowered on both sides
  • Can optionally be lowered with overlaps for sticky parts

Inclined hole perforation

The inclined holes provide an additional pumping effect for optimal electrolyte exchange.

Perforated plugs

The perforated plug perforation system offers you the following substantial benefits: easy replaceability of the (non-recyclable) perforated plugs always ensures an optimal adaptation to the goods; decisions in favour of one particular perforation are therefore no longer irrevocable. Since the perforated plug cap is bent towards the inside of the barrel, sticking of small parts can no longer occur. Voltage drops and entrainment losses are minimized by the screen cloth texture. The large, outwardly oriented recesses of the perforated plugs provide for an optimal electrolyte exchange through an additional pumping effect.

Slot perforation

Here, the exceptional material quality of the barrel also allows for very tight perforation. Stability of the individual coating plates is maintained through overlapping slot cut-outs; consequently, higher unit weights are no problem either.


Our customer service agents are delighted to help you find the most suitable material. Our product series:

PE 1000

  • Plain and extremely water-repellent surface
  • Resistant to harmful chemical substances
  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Completely impact-resistant, temperature-resistant up to 100°C


  • Plain, water-repellent
  • Resistant to harmful chemical substances
  • Wear-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Temperature-resistant up to 80°C
  • Weldable

Stainless steel

1.4301, 14401, 1.4435, 1.4571 or in accordance with client requests

Special materials



Material Density (p in kg/m3) Wear
PE 1000 0,93 100
Steel St 37 7,85 160
PE 500 0,96 300
PP 0,92 600
PVC-hard 1,40 900
Beech wood 0,83 2700