Series 250 – 5000 A

Robust design with long lifespan, high operating safety.

Our high-performance surface contacts can be used for product carriers, contact pins and even for prism contacting systems. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for retrofits in existing installations or in problem areas, e.g. in alkaline processes.

  • Robust design with a long lifespan, high operating safety
  • Stable VA bearing design for optimal positioning of the product carriers
  • Ideal for the hardest strains: chemicals, extreme mechanical load
  • Foils/current connectors are not required in most cases
  • The foundation plate is also, end connector: less joints, less corrosion problems/high transition resistance
  • Flexible connections at conductor rails with cost-efficient connector cables made of common cable types, cable lugs
  • Insulated compression springs: no uncontrolled current flow, no annealing of the springs
  • Covering hoods are only required in extreme fields of operation
  • Supply optionally with straight or angled contact rails with exchangeable contact plates
  • Complete modules with insulation plate, insulation spouts and fastening material are also available