Series 250 – 4000 A

No matter if you are looking for electrolysis installations, contacting units on vacuum furnaces or annealing technologies: our high-current contact fingers are particularly robust and tested under the toughest operating conditions.

  • Robust design with a long lifespan, high operating safety
  • Double-sided VA pathfinder: optimal positioning of the product carriers
  • Insulated compression springs: no uncontrolled current flow, no annealing of the springs
  • Fully insulated current connectors: permanent current from the contact finger to the E-Cu foundation plate
  • Covering hoods are only required in extreme fields of operation
  • The foundation plate is also, end connector: less joints, less corrosion problems/high transition resistance
  • Supply optionally with straight or angled connecting plate
  • Complete modules with insulation plate, insulation spouts and fastening material are also available