Rational electropolishing is usually possible in certain conditions only, as small parts must be strung or plugged manually, which is very time-consuming. The electropolishing barrel offers the possibility of plating products with a maximum volume of 8 litres and/or a maximum weight of 25 kg at 100% the same and highest quality. Careful plating by using high-quality materials ensures long life even under heavy loads.

Solid, material-related system design on the highest manufacturing level with planned and finely polished seams in the interior prevent the product from getting caught. The perfectly fitting and tightly closing cover convinces by its user-friendly handling and maximum operating safety.

For the drive, only high-quality engines with engine protection are used. The electronically adjustable speed allows for rotational speeds between 4 and 10 r/min, other rotational speeds are available upon request. It is also possible to equip the system with a pendular and/or vibrating function. Electrical energy transmission and barrel bearing is executed as 2 liquid-tight metal slide bearings.

These liquid-tight metal slide bearings allow for electrical energy transmission of max. 800 Amperes per side. Owing to the special contact oil inside the support arm, the contact surfaces are cleaned and mechanical wear is minimised. From there, the flow is led directly into the double-wall barrel body and the double-wall main pipe. The barrel body consists of titanium and stainless steel and is assembled in a short circuit-proof way. Optimum electrolyte exchange and minimised carry-over losses are achieved by smooth and gapless passages in connection with a sophisticated perforation system. One wall transmits the anode flow, the other one the cathode flow.

A worldwide patent was granted for this system in 2003 for the first time.

In some cases, the electropolishing system can be mounted below existing barrel carrier construction. Measurements differing from our standard electropolishing system are no problem for us. For product flow transmission we recommend to use copper blade contacts in combination with a high current surface contact. That combination has proven to achieve best results.

With a barrel volume filled to 80%, the supply current is ca. 500 – 600 Ampere at 6 – 10 Volts. Depending on the state of the products, the cycle takes 5 to 10 minutes.

If the electropolishing system cannot or should not be integrated into an existing system, we can also provide a complete solution. This independent system which only requires a minimum of space consists of a treatment tank and a rinse tank and a rectifier. For easy handling, a chain hoist is mounted. The entire module is one single unit.

The advantages at a glance:
  • perfect workmanship using high-quality materials ensure a long life even under heavy load
  • solid, material-compliant system design, a perfectly fitting and tight cover
  • user-friendly handling and high operational safety meeting even the highest requirements due to the sophisticated cover closing system
  • stable positioning
  • optimal electrolyte exchange and minimised carry-over loss due to smooth water-repellent material surfaces and gapless passages in connection with a sophisticated perforation system

We would be pleased to find out for you whether your products can be processed in the barrel, sampling is also possible in most cases. Opt for rational electropolishing in the barrel which will save much time and money.

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