Series 350 – 12000 A

At the early stages of automation technology, bolt contacts were often used in electroplating plants. Today, they are still used for contacting extendable anodes and in electrolytic cells. In fully automatic plants, low maintenance surface contacts and contact fingers are used almost exclusively.

  • Stable base body made of brass with long life.
  • The base body can be mounted directly onto the terminal bus, so unnecessary connections are no longer required, less problems caused by high transition resistance.
  • Power transmission is done by the use of spring-loaded contact bolts with a multilam.
  • Maximum load depends on the number of contact bolts, max. current per bolt is approx. 350-400 A
  • Covering hoods are required in harsh environments only.
  • Upon request we will manufacture complete assemblies with insulation plate, insulating plate, insulating jacket and mounting material.